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03:41 - 29/10/2010
05:55 - 28/10/2010
Lykke Li’s new single and video. Yeah… She is a ton more pop now.

03:31 - 28/10/2010

The ruins of The United Artists theater in Detroit.

Photographed by Yves Marchand & Romain Meffre

03:31 - 28/10/2010

Ballroom at the American Hotel

I am fascinated by these pictures as they show how most of our civilizations might end. This picture and the the picture posted before both depict a room for festivities, pleasure and… well… extravagance?

photographed by Marchand & Meffre

03:18 - 28/10/2010

“Italian ice cream maker Antonio Federici has been ordered by Britain’s Advertising Standards Authority to stop running an ad featuring two “sexualized” priests about to kiss “passionately.” Last month the company ran ads featuring a pregnant nun (also banned)”


Am I the only one who thinks banning these ads is theo-fascist bullshit?

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