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11:45 - 15/11/2010
Influencers Full Version.
04:09 - 15/11/2010

A group of dear friends…

05:15 - 14/11/2010
This is a movie made by my friend Óli for the Icelandic designer Mundi Vondi. It was published recently on Dazed Digital.

08:04 - 13/11/2010

Very simple and readable info-graphic regarding LGBT conditions in workplaces.

It is by Tiffany Farrant, and I found it HERE

04:15 - 13/11/2010

My sister on Delancey.

NEW POST: Icona Pop - SELFIE #Memphis #rooftopparty . Woah u were on fire tonight. Thank u for being awsome. ♡♡♡♡