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11:02 - 16/02/2011
V-Day with Surface to Air, Gargyle and Mexico Showroom


This is a picture of a friend, me and Christina Gigliotti at the Gargyle / Surface to Air party at Le Bain the other night.

06:07 - 16/02/2011
General Idea FW 2011


The General Idea show was well casted and well styled (by Jason Rider). The clothing is much too sporty for my taste but I can see how many absolutely loved it. The knits, the backpacks and the jackets with the fur-lined hoodies really sealed the deal.
When Christina (my roomie and resident model spotter) is back home I’m going to write down all the names. But you should recognize some already, like Charlie Westerberg, Ethan and Marcel.

For all of you who didn’t get to see the show and maybe want to see it, here it is:

08:58 - 15/02/2011
Ruffian FW 2011


10:03 - 14/02/2011
Odyn Vovk FW 2011


The awesome label Odyn Vovk held their rather small intimate show in a Lower East Side basement. My neighbors, the band Electric Umbilical Cord (E.U.C.) provided a live show soundtrack that truly fit the dark mood of the show.

Notice how they let new industry darling Andrej Pejic opened the show in a suitably (soon overdone) androgynous look. I love it.

05:12 - 14/02/2011
Mik Cire FW 2011


These are the pictures I took of the Mik Cire fashion show the other day.

I want every single leather jacket in this collection for my own wardrobe, especially the studded black one. I have a lot more pictures, it was a very extensive collections, with more outerwear and even some accessories, I will probably post those later.

Also coming up from this week as soon as I have the energy to edit all the pictures are (and most likely in this order):

- Odyn Vovk
- General Idea
- United Bamboo
- Nautica
- Ruffian
- Javelin at Glasslands (Music, not fashion)

And the coming week I have scheduled to see:

- Carlos Miele
- Rad Hourani
- Rochambeau
- Odd Molly (Sweden represent!)
- Ivana Helsinki
- Mackage

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