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12:00 - 14/08/2011
Sunday Music – Kristian Anttila

Kristian Anttila paid us a visit the other week at Familjen Andersson, so I thought I should share some of the young mans work with you.

12:00 - 13/08/2011
Josefine Erfass

Did I ever forget to tell you that I have super gorgeous friends? This is my friend Josefine Erfass, you might have seen her on here before.

11:28 - 13/08/2011
Spot On

“om man bara skiter i allt och lyssnar på Hoffmaestro istället…”

Nothing I would want to be caught doing.

10:25 - 12/08/2011
Cheap Monday S/S 2012 Pt. 1

As I have already told you I am a very loyal fan of Cheap Monday. I think Örjan and his team is absolutely amazing. Genius.
This was a bit colorful for my personal taste, but the casting was good and the collection’s theme was very tight.
More pictures tomorrow!

12:52 - 11/08/2011
Swedish Hasbeens

The first show ever to actually surprise me conceptually was Swedish Hasbeens show yesterday morning.

Usually an attempt at changing the standard runway can become very pastiche, but this was genius. Instead of models they had gymnasts in minimalist classic gymnast outfits (read “Mother Russia”). Remember that this is a show for shoes… FOR SHOES! Even better; updated clogs and boots.

Instead of a runway, it became a show. A happening. An installation. A piece of art.

For a company with an expanding range of products yet a limited scope the show acts as a statement, saying that they are a force to be reckoned with. The courage to stand out, have an off-site show and more importantly; use people, and non-models at that, for a show about shoes? That is impressive.

Impressive indeed. Breaking through the clutter is no easy feat.

Oh! And I met Arestav, Kopito, Sabina and Lina yesterday, such adorable and talented girls!

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