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04:00 - 29/10/2011
Friendly Neighbors

I keep running into my friend the artist Barnaby Whitfield on the streets around my place. I love that about my neighborhood, I have tons of friends just blocks away (and in the same building). It is really a great community.

12:00 - 29/10/2011
Maria Nilsdotter

I must say I am really impressed by Swedish designer Maria Nilsdotter’s jewelry.
The pieces are loaded with meaning, the raven for example is a really important symbol for thought and memory in Scandinavian folklore. Maria balances her heritage and the symbolism beautifully, and that is rarer than you’d imagine.

I find the claw rings very powerful, especially the silver one with three claws.

She isn’t available in the U.S. yet but you can shop online by clicking HERE

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05:58 - 28/10/2011
Skate or Die

I skate vicariously through my friend Philippe. It is made slightly better because he is actually using my board here. But that does not mean I can skate. At all.

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08:26 - 28/10/2011
NYC Fame

Whoever Bernt is, that dude is famous in NYC now. All. Over. The. Subway.

04:00 - 27/10/2011
Long (Awaited) Tanks

London based Long Clothing has finally decided to expand their range of products and now they are going to release more styles up until the end of the year, definitely something worth keeping an eye on.
I have a few of their t-shirts already, but I am most definitely in the market for some more.

Check them out by clicking HERE

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