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08:27 - 29/02/2012
Tomorrow in NYC: Fad Gadget at Envoy Enterprises

Tomorrow night marks the opening of the group exhibition / Tovey homage “Fad Gadget” over at Envoy Enterprises.

Some of the artists featured are Micki Pellerano (who I posted about HERE), Terence Koh and Casey Spooner.

For more info on the gallery and the exhibition, click HERE

07:33 - 28/02/2012
Annika Wester x Lacoste Live

My dear friend Annika recently collaborated with Lacoste on their new line Live. It looks really interesting and the concept seems like something I could get in to.

01:19 - 26/02/2012
Sunday Morning Self-portrait

Note the earbuds and the morning hair, watching movies in bed because I couldn’t sleep.
I have the oddest sleep schedule.

02:41 - 26/02/2012
Saturday Roomie Spa Session

Mud masks courtesy of Kerstin Florian / Sturebadet

The artist Leigh Burroughs, me and my dear roomie Jacob (who you are probably familiar with)

12:37 - 26/02/2012
Tonight in NYC: Late Night Party @ Chloe 81

As if I needed to know that the parties I go to weren’t classified as “Late Night” parties my dear friend is hosting a party tonight that STARTS at 2 AM.
I am an old man and the L train is not running, so the chance of me moving from my couch is slim, but if I do, this is were you’ll find me. This is also where you should find yourself if you are going out.

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