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11:37 - 27/05/2012
666 FYI


09:22 - 26/05/2012
Vintage Shopping


12:00 - 25/05/2012

Went to an event the other night over at The Standard Biergarten. It was amazing, great food and great drinks. Although I must say I might’ve stood out a little, as it was beach and sports themed.
But there was photo-ops with hunky people!

10:32 - 23/05/2012
In the Company of Friends

I decided to decorate my corner a bit, now when we moved in at the Fairchild Fashion Media office.

I mean just a little, at some point I might bring in the skulls and the candles too… I just need to make sure that is allowed.
I printed some of my favorite works by my friends Therese + Joel, featuring none other than my friends Elsa Crafoord and Elsa Hosk!

05:28 - 20/05/2012

The sweet, sweet people from Wednesday NYC took me out for drinks the other day because it was my last day in our mutual office. I will be working for Fairchild Fashion Media/Condé Nast come Monday, because of their recent acquisition of Fashion Networks.
I am very fortunate to get to work for such an admirable company, and with such brilliant people. I am really excited!

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