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02:15 - 04/01/2013

Bois De Guitare

This sounds like such a great idea… A guitar scented candle!

It is created by April 77 and you can get it if you click HERE

05:11 - 03/01/2013


I got some new layering pieces for christmas. This is my epic new thumb-hole thermal. Stuff like thumb-holes makes me feel like an urban ninja warrior which leads to instant happiness.

01:47 - 31/12/2012

Happy New Year!

I’m celebrating New Year’s Eve tonight with the same crew as last year, which was by far my best NYE ever!

I am really excited. Last year we had an African themed night, and this year it is Eastern Europe / Russian themed. Of course we try to be as sensitive as possible to the cultures, although I must admit we aren’t doing the Russian cultural heritage justice as we are focusing on vodka and blinis rather than the high arts and literature.

The track above is Javelin’s track “1980 Moscow” from their album No Mas. It’ll be on repeat until I leave this afternoon.

Happy New Year and thank you all for being here the last year, it sure has been an interesting ride!

Can’t wait for 2013!



09:45 - 30/12/2012


I needed something to lift an outfit, so I thought about getting a silk scarf recently.
I found this one at BLK DNM, and it suited my palette better than most others.

12:00 - 24/12/2012


At least this isn’t Andres Serrano or David Wojnarowicz, because THEY are provocative…

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