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05:11 - 14/03/2010

Some editions from one of my favorite artists Julian Opie. His installations are so much better. This is the tenth photo from the Armory.

05:08 - 14/03/2010

This is a picture of my friend the beautiful Josefine Erfass and I outside a Kulte party in Paris a while back.

05:12 - 14/03/2010

12:14 - 14/03/2010

For those of you who speak Swedish; the story of my life. I was unfaithful the other day, I tried a new hairdresser.

10:07 - 13/03/2010

Us reflected by an art piece. You can even see me with the camera. This is the ninth photo from The Armory.

From the left; Lacy Levin, Me, Kayleigh Groves and Ian Stapleton

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