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10:53 - 08/10/2013


I got back to my old apartment in Brooklyn a few hours ago.
I’m back in NYC for a few weeks of vacation.
Sure I have one or two meetings, but for the most part I’m just going to sit on couches and chill.

12:25 - 06/10/2013

Tribal Skirt Game


I wanted to get in to the whole tribal skirt / goth skirt/shorts game this summer, with a pair of Loin Cloth shorts by Rick Owens.

Unfortunately someone snagged the last pair in front of my eyes at the JUS sale, and I have furniture and shit to buy so I can’t afford retail or anything very close to retail here.

These pictures are taken from SSENSE, check them out by clicking HERE

11:57 - 04/10/2013

Ginzberg by Uniforms for the Dedicated



Say hello to the the Ginzberg blazer from one of the most interesting labels out of Sweden right now; Uniforms for the Dedicated!

I’m not a fan of formal wear, in fact I do my best to avoid it all-together. My comfort zone is in hoodie-and-leather-jacket-land.

But this one isn’t your average piece, it looks soft, masculine, rugged, formal yet casual…

You can find it by clicking HERE


11:58 - 02/10/2013

Long Black Fur Coat

ann0114009blk_02_large ann0114009blk_01_large

Another dream item, such as the 50000 USD alligator jacket below, is this long black fur coat by Ann Demeulemeester!

It is almost 7000 pounds though. I have been looking for a black fur for some time but I don’t feel like I can handle that budget really…

Imagine this as your winter coat… What a fairytale scenario!

The coat is available via LN-CC, who I also stole the pictures from.

11:46 - 01/10/2013

Alligator Jacket by Rick Owens


This alligator jacket by Rick Owens, available via SSENSE who I also borrowed the pictures from, is amazing.
It reminds me a bit of more theatrical designers such as Asher Levine.

I imagine the leather to be a little bit to rigid to be comfortable, but I doubt the master Owens hasn’t thought of that.

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